Why should I use Social Media?

It’s no shock that brands are focused on bringing in new business. But they also need to provide online social experiences that help build relationships and brand loyalty. If you want to get in front of people, social media is the way to do it.

What social channels should I use?

In short, the social media platforms that deliver for your business! Every brand is so unique, deciding which platform(s) to spend time on relies on factors like where your audience is, what products and/or services your business provides and the goals you wish to achieve.

What’s your social strategy?

Most DIY social media efforts by businesses fail to implement any worthwhile strategy. If you’re in this predicament and struggling to gain any traction on your business’s existing accounts, you’re looking to expand onto additional social channels or you’re launching a new business, Katherine Galvin Digital can take away all the hassle and guesswork.

As with all forms of marketing or advertising, posting on social media as a business without a defined purpose or Call To Action will fail to get results.

How do I use Instagram for my business?

With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. The social photo and video sharing app is a way to build your community and grow your reach. It’s a fun and engaging way to share original (and creative!) snippets with your audience.

Videos vs. Images: What Should You Be Promoting on Social Media?

Photo and video content is a crucial part of content marketing.


Sharing visual content on social media platforms is a great way to boost engagement. Compared to standard text posts, images or videos can increase views, likes and comments. A strong image or an interesting video will make people stop and pay attention. 

Should I use social ads in my business?

It’s no secret that advertising on social media platforms can be fruitful for businesses of all varieties. Advertising on social media platforms is important as there is more real value beyond what we can get organically these days.


From expanding your reach and visibility to driving the bottom line, this post covers five reasons why brands invest in social media advertising to reach their goals and scale their business—and why you might want to, too. They include:


  1. Reach new customers
  2. Low entry cost
  3. Gain audience insights
  4. Wide range of formats
  5. Accomplish more of your goals
How important is good copywriting for your social media marketing?

No matter which social media platform your brand is active on, great copywriting can be the key to engaging your followers more effectively and giving your audience a reason to stop and consume your content.